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Star International Powerheart G5 AED June Sales Offer

Star International are pleased to announce we are having a sale on our Cardiac Science G5 Defibrillators. Please feel free to click on the highlighted Star International this will give you the full technical data of the Machine and a video of how to use our Powerheart G5 AED.

We realise these pieces of kit are becoming more and more essential to have in the workplace, in your social life, and basically everywhere were there are a number of people, to hopefully save peoples lives and prevent needless deaths through Cardiac Arrest.

The Powerheart G5 AED combines variable escalating energy with fast shock times and real time CPR feedback. It has a easy intuitive operation and user paced prompts enabling responders in workplaces and public spaces to act quickly and confidently to give an SCA victim the best chance of a favourable outcome.

We have decided to offer these out to all our customers for the discounted price of £995 +vat + Carriage. Each AED will include, 1 x Defibrillator, 1 x Intellisense Lithium Battery, 2 x pads with a minimum 2 x year shelf life, 1 x AED Manager Software, 1 x Getting started Card, plus an in depth instruction and Maintenance Manual.

If you would like more information on these machines or any of our other products and services, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01244 504 500, or Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seawork 2016 Exhibition in Southampton

Star International attended the large Seawork 2016 Exhibition in Southampton on 13/06 to 16/06/16 where we met several potential new clients, to promote our new and existing products and services to the marine industry.


Change of address from August 2016

We are moving to;

Star International, Star House, Turbine Business Park, Turbine Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 9HP

All telephone numbers & email address's will remain the same.

Legionella Outbreak Controlled by Star Endosan

Control of Legionella and minimising risk of exposure to passengers can be a difficult task aboard ferries and cruise liners. The same high risk contamination areas exist when compared with controlling water quality in a building, yet control over these areas on board a marine vessel is much more complex.

Star International is trying our best to stop this happening on-board all types of vessels.

Gas Cylinder Blast Kills Three More Ship Breakers in Chittagong:

Four Workers were killed and four were seriously injured following a Gas Cylinder explosion in the Shital Shipbreaking Yard.

Three men died on October 20 after a gas cylinder they were cutting at a Chittagong shipbreaking yard in Bangladesh exploded, according to the NGO Shipbreaking Platform. This latest accident took place in S. R. Corporation, one of the major shipbreaking companies in Bangladesh. The three injured workers were sent to the nearby hospital for treatment but doctors could not save their lives as they were all severely burned, according to the NGO Shipbreaking Platform. The names of the workers who died were Rusel, Kairul and Aminul. All three were employed as gas cutters.


Industrial Global Union, a global union federation, has called for the shipbreaking industry to be cleaned up, as this has been the second accident with fatal outcome in Chittagong in the last two months. Back in September, four workers were killed and four were seriously injured following a gas cylinder explosion in the Shital Shipbreaking yard. Industrial director for the shipbuilding and shipbreaking sector, Kan Matsuzaki, said: ”Every occupational death is avoidable. And every time a shipbreaking worker is killed at work it strengthens our resolve to campaign for the ratification of the Hong Kong Convention. When we succeed in making that resolution a reality the lives of workers in the world’s most dangerous job will change.” Source: world maritime news - 28-10-2015 


The marine industry is being to see a change, we are no longer having oxygen /acetylene cylinders for cutting and welding on-board vessels, and this will eventually become a thing of the past. Let me introduce the Answer, the Hypertherm Powermax30 AIR.

The new Hypertherm Powermax30 is a revolutionary new Plasma cutter that has a built in Air Compressor thus eliminating the need to look for airlines to connect to the old type of Plasma machines, with having built in compressor means you only need to plug the Plama30 which is a dual voltage machine, so you only need a 120v or 240v with Auto-Voltage technology electrical supply to operate it.

Major benefit being the complete portability all over the ship , so you don’t need or have to drag air lines around the vessel, this is completely self-sufficient. 


No need carry heavy Oxygen & Acetylene cylinders around a vessel or any place of work, the PLASMA30 AIR is extremely lightweight (13.5kg) and portable and can be carried over the shoulder with a thick comfortable strap. It ticks all the boxes from a Health & Safety perspective.

The recommended cut is between 8mm- 10mm. This will be more than enough we believe for most Marine applications, the machine itself comes with a 3 year warranty, and the torch has a 12 month warranty.

We have also shown on the brochure above (pdf) that if you need to do any brazing, heating or soldering, we have attached Propane / MAPP gases that will do the job, this was one of the questions we were asked if they didn’t have oxygen & acetylene how would they cope.

The welding machine we have added is an extra, as most ships will have one on-board, the difference is the MULTIPEARL 200-4 XL can weld MIG-MAG / TIG and MMA for stick welding (Electrodes).

Spares can be sourced World-Wide through the STAR INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION.

This machine also eliminates the need to have Oxygen & Acetylene that you have to put an initial deposit on the gas Cylinders, the daily rental for the Cylinders, and finally the refill charges which can vary from port to port . All of this is very expensive and can be a logistical nightmare, especially if any cylinders go missing leading to deposit losses. So consequently it will dramatically reduce costs and increase productivity of the cutting process.

Overall this machine is hugely cost effective and will more than likely pay for itself within a 12 month period. We at Star International are very excited by this machine and believe it will prove to be an invaluable piece of kit for all vessels trading LOCALLY & WORLD-WIDE.

Health and Safety Executive

I have enclose the (pdf) explaining the dangers of using Acetylene that can incur if not used properly.

I hope this has been of some interest, If we can be of help please contact us for more information.

Star Hypertherm Plasma30

H&S safety Acetylene No1

AED G5 Automatic Defibrillator Donation

On 4th March Star International donated an AED G5 Automatic Defibrillator to Barnston buddies infant School on the Wirral Merseyside.


Latest News - January 2015

Star International wins contract with SVITZER Europe.

aed-g5STAR INTERNATIONAL is pleased to announce that after much competition from several other manufacturers, SVITZER Europe have awarded STAR INTERNATIONAL in supplying Svitzer Europe, who operate some 127 vessels with Star Cardiac Science AED G5 Automatic Defibrillator’s, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Powerheart AED G5 Automated Defibrillator.



It is with great pleasure in announcing that REFRIGERANT SOLUTIONS LIMITED and STAR INTERNATIONAL (Part of the STAR INTERNATIONAL GROUP of Companies) have become their World-Wide Marine & Offshore contact in supplying all REFRIGERANT SOLUTIONS LIMITED. 

Refrigerant Solutions Ltd, the Refrigerants Specialist have recently published test results that took part totally independently to RSL, this was carried out by University in Barcelona (PDF enclosed) in the past the industry was only used to R12, R22 & R502, R22 being the last of the existing gases, as from 31st December, 2014 this will be banned in all EC countries. 

As the industry became aware that R22 will be phased out and completely banned, the major producers came up with many new types of refrigerants, mostly called four hundred series, what University in Barcelona decided to do was find out which is the best refrigerant to use not only for today but the future, they named the Five Existing Refrigerants that is used, R407F, R407A, R404A, R507, R22 & (RS-50) R422A. 

The test results are shown on the website REFRIGERANT PRODUCTS + SERVICE

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