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Products & Services

We are the main contact centre for all World-Wide distribution of supplies.

Star International supplies all types of refrigerants, welding gases, electric welding machines, Fire service and safety equipment to the Marine & Offshore Market.

Water Treatment

Star International offers a wide range of water treatment solutions for industrial and marine applications.

Star Alka Boiler Treatment

Star ALKALINITY CONTROL is a concentrated liquid alkaline product for corrosion and deposit control in boilers.

Star Antifoulant

Star ANTIFOULANT is a very effective liquid antifouling corrosion inhibitor. This is effective against marine growths, such as algae, shellfish and micro-organisms.

Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant

Star BOILER LIQUID COAGULANT is a colourless liquid sludge conditioner designed for easy to feed and to prevent depositions in steam boilers.

Star Boiler Water Conditioner

Star BOILER WATER CONDITIONER is a dry powder compound containing alkaline mineral salts, sequestering agents, scale and corrosion inhibitors and scale conditioners.

Star Chlorine Tablets

Our large slow release chlorine tablets 75mm Diameter x 25 mm designed for use in your Hamworthy or similar system, effluent plant Stage 3.

Star Colorcooling 2000

Broad activity: effective against bacteria, moulds, and yeasts in oil and contaminated water. Easy to use concentrated liquid. Prevents the corrosion caused by microorganisms.

Star Condensate Control

Star CONDENSATE CONTROL is a concentrated liquid neutralisation agent for corrosion control in condensate and feed water systems.

Star Evaporator Treatment

Star EVAPORATOR TREAMENT is a Polymer- based additive to be used in Evaporators to prevent Scale Formation

Star One Shot BWT

Star One Shot BTW is a liquid blend of alkaline compounds, scale and corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers and sludge conditioners.

Star Organic Inhibitor

Star ORGANIC INHIBITOR is a liquid/powder, nitrite/borate based compound with organic corrosion control in re-circulating water systems.

Star Oxygen Control

Star OXYGEN CONTROL is a Volatile oxygen scavenger in liquid form which does not add dissolved solids to treated water containing catalysed HYDRAZINE.

Star Oxygen Control Sulphite

Catalysed for rapid oxygen removal. Prevent oxygen corrosion. OXYGEN CONTROL is a catalysed sodium sulphite in liquid form. It is very soluble in water.

Star Oxytreat

Environmentally superior organic oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor for feed, steam, and condensate systems.

Star Potable Water Stabilizer

Star POTABLE WATER STABILISER is a solution of phosphates, quickly and easily dispersible in water.

Star Powder Inhibitor

Star POWDER INHIBITOR is a liquid/powder, nitrite/borate based compound with organic corrosion control in re-circulating water systems.