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RS-50 (R442A)

Product codes: 50kg: 01010079 / 10kg: 01010078

RS-50 (R442A)

Product codes: 50kg: 01010079 / 10kg: 01010078

Product codes: 50kg: 01010079 / 10kg: 01010078

Low global warming and higher efficiency replacement for R404A and R507 with less than half the GWP, a higher energy efficiency and greater capacity. Needs to be used with POE oil. 

RS-50 has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than one half of R404A together with a higher efficiency which delivers energy savings and a lower contribution to global warming. RS-50 can be used to replace R404A in both new and existing equipment. Mass flow of RS-50 is lower than R404A and R507 so that reducing the opening of the expansion device may be required. No changes to other hardware are necessary. A significant increase in energy efficiency compared to R404A and R507 can be expected. Users will achieve a lower carbon footprint due to the lower direct GWP of the refrigerant and its inherent higher efficiency.

Low global warming replacement for R404A, R507 and R22 in refrigeration Performance Characteristics

  • Global Warming Portential (GWP) of 1888
  • Same compression ratio as R22
  • Application in systems with a variable expansion device
  • Considerably lower discharge temperature than R22
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Non flammable and low toxicity


Replacement for R22 in refrigeration applications RS-50 is a non ozone depleting and non flammable replacement for R22 in medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. The efficiency and cooling capacity of RS-50 provides a close match for R22 in overall system performance. Flow rate is identical to R22 which avoids the need to change or alter existing pipework.

Star International can advise on the best refrigerant, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 


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