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Star International supplies all types of refrigerants, welding gases, electric welding machines, Fire service and safety equipment to the Marine & Offshore Market.

Star Anti Foulant Plus

Product code: 00950002

Star Anti Foulant Plus

Product code: 00950002

Product code: 00950002

Star Antifoulant is a very effective liquid antifouling corrosion inhibitor. This is effective against marine growths, such as algae, shellfish and micro-organisms. For use in Lubrication and fuel oil systems. Suitable for fresh and distilled water systems.


  • Liquid treatment which is easy to use.
  • Extremely effective in dealing with marine growths.
  • Protects systems for corrosion.
  • Many applications covered by one product.
  • Maintains heat transfer in systems and extends periods between cleaning.
  • Reduces maintenance and down time.
  • Economical in use.
  • All types of systems using sea water, both static and flowing.


Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data and/or Product Label

For Sea Water Cooling Systems Dose 0.6 litre for every 100 tons of sea water flowing through the system per hour. The system throughput is either to be determined from the rating of the pump(s) or from the system specifications. Treatment is necessary in coastal waters and should commence three days before entering these waters and continue for three days after leaving coastal waters. The calculated dose should be dosed over a one hour period and repeated every 48 hours.

For Static Ballast Tanks Dose 1 litre per 10 tons of water prior to ballasting, followed by a monthly dose of 2 litres per 100 tons.

For Trim Tanks, Oil Rig Sea Legs and similar systems Dose 25 litres per 100 tons of water and add the same for make up water.

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