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Star Autotreat 22373

Product code: 00950008

Star Autotreat 22373

Product code: 00950008

Product code: 00950008

Product description and applications

Star Autotreat 22373 is an innovative multifunctional program that combines the most advanced boiler internal treatment chemistry, oxygen scavenger and condensate corrosion inhibitor with new TRASAR® Technology plus state-of-the-art diagnostic, monitoring, feed, and control equipment.

Star Autotreat 22373 is formulated for maximum scale inhibition and minimizes corrosion for low cycling boilers operating at or below 600 psig (41 barg) with moderate feedwater hardness and high feedwater oxygen.

Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) SECTIONS 11 and 12, for all aquatic and mammalian information.

The feedwater dosage of Star Autotreat 22373 will vary depending on average feedwater total acid hardness, and feedwater oxygen. For your specific application, contact us for feed rate recommendations. 

Overfeed of Star Autotreat 22373 will result in excessive treatment costs and may result in boiler carryover.

Underfeed of Star Autotreat 22373 will result in higher maintenance costs and potential failures.