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Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant

Product code: 00950037

Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant

Product code: 00950037

Product code: 00950037

Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant is a colourless liquid sludge conditioner designed for easy to feed and to prevent depositions in steam boilers. It is effective in preventing sludge deposition in boilers and will coagulate small amounts of oil which have contaminated the boiler water.

Star Liquid Boiler Coagulant can be used n conjunction with Star International Marine Chemicals standard range of water treatments.


  • Liquid product, easy to feed.
  • Prevents the formation of adherent deposits and sludge's in boilers.
  • Keeps sludge dispersed for efficient removal by blow down.
  • Keeps boilers clean and extends boiler operational time between cleaning


Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data and/or Product Label

Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant prevents the formation of sludge deposits on boiler internal surfaces. The sludge is kept dispersed in small particles and conditioned to be removed by normal blow down. In this way tube overheating due to sludge deposition is avoided. The treatment can be used in conjunction with other Star International Chemical treatments. Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant can also be used where oil contamination has been experienced, the oil being required to be coagulated for removal by blown down. Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant can be used to prevent sludge deposition in boilers.

The normal dosage will be 20 ml of treatment daily for every tonne of boiler water capacity. For an average size system this will be 0.1 - 0.3 litres per day.

This level is the advised initial dosage; it can be reduced if Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant is being regularly used. 

For optimum results dose Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant directly to the boiler via the by-pass pot-feeder installed in the boiler feed water feed line. It is possible to mix the Star Boiler Liquid Coagulant with water and add to the boiler hot well or add it to the boiler feed with a metering pump.