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Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX)

Product code: 00950036

Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX)

Product code: 00950036


Product code: 00950036

Product description and application

Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX) is an organic corrosion inhibitor used for scavenging oxygen and passivating metal surfaces. It can be used as a direct replacement for hydrazine in boilers without the safety hazards and handling precautions associated with hydrazine.

Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX) reduces corrosion rates because it passivates feedwater and boiler internal systems. Lower corrosion rates from passivation translate directly into lower maintenance costs and reduced boiler downtime.

Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX) can be used in boiler systems operating at pressures up to 2500 psig (172 barg). Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX) does not contribute dissolved solids, so it can be used ahead of spray attemperation water take-offs. It can also be used for wet lay-up of boilers and non-drainable super heater.


Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and/or product label.

The feedwater dosage of Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX) will vary based on the feedwater oxygen level, boiler operating pressure and the boiler water cycles of concentration. For your specific application, your local Star Water sales engineer will make the appropriate feed rate recommendations.

Underfeed of Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX) will result in serious oxygen corrosion to the preboiler, boiler and condensate system. Severe damage can occur very quickly in economizers or feedwater preheaters. Oxygen corrosion will also increase iron levels in the feedwater. Iron deposits will form in the high heat-flux areas of the boiler and could possibly cause tube failures.

Overfeed of Star Oxygen Control (ELIMIN-OX) will result in high levels of ammonia in the condensate system. This may be sufficient to increase the measured pH of the condensate system. The neutralizing amine dosage should not be reduced. This would result in inadequate protection of the condensate system. The combination of ammonia and oxygen in-leakage is extremely corrosive to copper-containing metallurgies.

Overfeed will also significantly affect the cost of the chemical program.

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