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Star Oxytreat 77210

Product code: 00920025

Star Oxytreat 77210

Product code: 00920025

Product code: 00920025

Star Oxytreat 77210 is a traditional tannin based, organic oxygen scavenger which can be used in systems operating at pressures up to 20 barg (290 psig).

Star Oxytreat 77210 provides some protection against oxygen corrosion in the boiler feedwater system and the boiler, even when not all oxygen has been scavenged, by the formation of a protective film on the metal surfaces.

Star Oxytreat 77210 begins to break down at pressures of 20 barg (290 psig) under formation of corrosive gases. These decomposition gases flash off with the steam and may cause corrosion in downstream equipment.


For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and/or product Label

The feedwater dosage of Star Oxytreat 77210 will vary based on the feedwater oxygen level, feedwater hardness, and boiler water cycles of concentration. Contact your local Nalco representative for the appropriate feeding and dosage recommendations for your particular application.

Consequences of overfeed

Overfeed of Star Oxytreat 77210 will significantly affect the cost of chemical treatment.

Consequences of underfeed

Underfeed of Star Oxytreat 77210 will result in serious oxygen corrosion to the boiler and feedwater system. The greatest damage will occur in the economiser. Oxygen corrosion will also increase iron levels in the feedwater. Iron deposits will form in the high heat flux areas of the boiler causing tube failures.

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