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Star Potable Water Stabiliser

Product code: 00950032

Star Potable Water Stabiliser

Product code: 00950032

Product code: 00950032

Star Potable Water Stabiliser is a solution of phosphates, quickly and easily dispersible in water. Star Potable Water Stabiliser is a combination of phosphates having stabilising properties. The product effectively and economically provides scale and corrosion control in potable water and other shipboard once-through water systems. Potable Water Stabiliser can be used in potable water.


  • Prevents ‘Red Water’ in ships potable water systems.
  • Provides scale and corrosion control in condensers, heaters, coolers, tanks, flash evaporators and other marine equipment.
  • Controls corrosion in pipelines and other equipment handling softened or evaporated water.
  • Supplied in convenient to use liquid form.
  • Effective at temperatures up to 80°C.
  • Increase system life and reduces maintenance costs.


Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and/or product label.

Dosage varies between 15-40 mg/l for ordinary water treatment (approx 0.3-0.8 litre/25 tonnes of water). Dosage may be greater for other applications. Star Potable Water Stabiliser is non-corrosive to ordinary metals used in feeding equipment and may be fed with a simple by-pass feeder. The treatment should be proportioned to maintain the desired dosage.

Packaging, handling and precautions

Potable Water Stabiliser is normally supplied in drums containing 25 litre (approx 30.8 kg). Storage temperature should not exceed 40°C. Potable Water Stabiliser is mildly alkaline and may cause skin irritation on prolonged contact with skin. In case of contact wash skin with plenty of water. If eyes are affected give immediate washing with clean running water for at least 15 minutes and obtain medical attention. If a portion of the liquid or its strong solution is swallowed give plenty of water or bland fluids e.g. milk and call a doctor. WARNING: Do not give an unconscious person anything to drink.